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Follow Your Trail

Licensing Program

The Follow Your Trail Mission

The Follow Your Trail program is all about the transformation of the mind, body and soul. Small groups of participants (no more than 12) work together for up to 12 weeks through any type of movement. The basis of this program is physical exercise, spiritual awakening (meditation), and emotional connectivity (conversation and sharing) - the evolution from week to week is profound.

Each week is designed to manifest the intention for that week. Along with your choice of movement, there may also be an activity or action step to go along with the days’ message. The weeks are meant to build upon the previous weeks’ lessons and teachings. As each participant starts to peel back their emotional layers and dig deeper within, the magic starts to happen. 

It is here, in these invaluable moments, that participants begin to feel, look and act lighter. This open forum to share and express themselves in an unconventional setting gives everyone permission to be exactly who they are meant to be. This is not a place for judgment or self-sabotage, but a place to value the art of self-love. The first phase of the program will focus on self-discovery and self-realization, the second phase emphasizes on self-love.

This is not just a "hiking" program. This is a MOVEMENT.

FYT is expanding the globe!

Follow Your Trail is not limited to just hiking! Many of you (as far away as Switzerland) have inquired about molding this program into utilize various types of movement, such as skiing, kayaking, power walking, paddle board, yoga, biking, etc!

When you sign up to license Follow Your Trail licensing, you will have the chance to do just that--and you'll be receiving a DONE-FOR-YOU "blueprint" to customize this very successful program so that you can mold it to fit into your already existing programs--or even start your very first!


You can be a part of this worldwide revolution of movement!

If you are a health coach, life coach, health and wellness business owner or professional, yoga instructor, masseuse or gym owner (just to name a few professions), you can license FYT to create a custom this program to make it all your own!

But don't worry... you're not just going to receive a blueprint...!

Become a Trail Leader

OPTION 1: "On the Trail" Training

A hands-on "walk-through" experience of one week of FYT program with a 2-3 hour training session with your own teachers to experience FYT outdoors.

OPTION 2: Full FYT Digital Package

+ Step by step digital PDF manual of what I do for 12 weeks.  

+ Customizable materials to take the guess work out of it.

+ Use of FYT or personal logo (on all merchandising and marketing).

+ Marketing flier and social media announcement copy.

+ Private Facebook Page accessible to only FYT Licensees.

+ Lifetime Access to Training Videos. (Included in Roadmap to Success.)

+ 1 Monthly Zoom call for 3 months (3 total) with Lisa at 9am PST.

+ One personalized 1:1 session with Lisa after purchase.


Optional Add-Ons (Requires additional investment):

+ Meditations provided by spiritual healer, Nicole Hoegl to go along with weekly intentions

+ Branded merchandise graphics (swag bag)

+ "On the Trail" training (listed above)

Two Phases

Phase One


& Self-Realization

The moment a person truly starts down their path of self-discovery, they will never want to turn back.


Self-discovery is about becoming aware of your truth, purpose and potential.


It means realizing what your beliefs are, living by them and listening to your intuition.

Phase Two


Self-love is one of those concepts that you just get... you just feel it! It is an unconditional feeling of love towards oneself.


We often judge and punish ourselves so much that we actually become our own harshest critic.


 Self love is self-forgiveness and acceptance of who we really are.  

These phases are stand-alone with separate manuals

and require two separate investments.


what current trail leaders are saying

I first learned of FYT when Lisa had first started the program 3 years ago and was always intrigued by it. So when she reached out to me to be a trail leader, I was excited to hear more about how this would work. I’m a psychotherapist, a coach and an avid hiker so I was really interested in how I could bring it all together. I was also a little worried that I would be taking on too much to market another program and another part of my business. But the way Lisa has organized all the material, the training, and the live calls has been super helpful with creating an easy way to launch my own FYT program. She gave us all her marketing materials and provided all the details for each hiking session so it is truly done-for-you and makes launching feel easy and doable. 


Lisa has a very positive energy and has been a great support through email, text and on our zoom calls. This is an amazing program I feel lucky to be a part of it!

- Gina


Your Next Step

FYT Trail Leader


Access to the FYT program:

+ Step by step digital PDF manual of

what I do for 12 weeks  
+ Customizable materials to take the

guess work out of it
+ Use of FYT or personal logo

(on all merchandising and marketing).
+ Marketing flier and social media

announcement copy
+ Private Facebook Page accessible

to only FYT Licensees
+ One personalized 1:1 session

with Lisa after purchase.

PLUS Roadmap to Success Trainings

+ Lifetime Access to Training Videos. 

Annual Renewal Fees Apply After the First Year

Meet Your Trail Blazing Guide

Lisa Taitelman, HCI Certified Health Coach

BHC Transf Seal.jpeg

A note from Lisa:


Do YOU want to be a part of something bigger than us?


In the busy world today, I feel we have lost the art of togetherness to the use of our cell phones and computers and managing our hectic lives. I have found that most of us live it alone, and we’re getting… well, lonely. It is actually a rare thing these days for us to come together unless it is a board meeting, a celebration, a birthday, a seminar or a school function.


I really wanted to build a community, so FYT was born. It is a program that empowers you physically, emotionally and spiritually—ON, as well as OFF, the trail. Through each of our journeys, we are able to connect, laugh, cry, inspire and lift each other up. These journeys help us to discover to a calming place that we can come as we are. This program has proven time and time again that there is something about incorporating movement into every week that gives us this enormous sense of accomplishment and accountability that we all sometimes need in our lives. It is the physical aspect—whether it is outdoors, on a beach walk or around a lake, or indoors, in a yoga studio or at a gym—that opens our hearts and lifts our souls, and it makes us feel like we are stronger than we think we are.  Each and every one of us has struggles; we may have bad days, bad months or even a bad year, but we find that when we step into our choice of movement, whether it’s on a trail or into a yoga class, we feel different. Liberated. Strong. Centered. Empowered. Grounded. I have witnessed this time and time again through this program.


So, I want to share this experience with all of you coaches, wellness professionals, and business owners, because this program has done so much for me (not just my clients). I want to invite you to be brave in exploration with it, to make it your very own, and to use it to tell your story. We all have different answers as to why we are health coaches and why we have been called to do this work. Just as I am certain of what FYT has done for me, I am also certain that all of you and your clients can find the same level of success, strength, pride, aliveness and magic that I have from every week of this program.


All of us can make a difference, a ripple effect, and real change across the globe!  Are you ready to become a part of this world-wide revolution of movement? Let’s get started!

Much Love,

Lisa Taitelman

"I have always felt pulled to do something greater, to be a part of a movement and to create real change.  I felt for quite some time that something was missing in my life- and it was that I found my own voice. By using my voice, it has helped others find their own."

Ready to go? Let's Have a Conversation!

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