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This is not just a "hiking" program. This is a MOVEMENT.

Customized, Unique Outdoor Team Building

Are you looking for a team building activity that your employees will love? I want to personally invite you and your team to a completely NEW and effective form of team building!  This customized corporate program offers team building in an unconventional setting--outdoors!


Your company can be a part of

the worldwide revolution of movement!

Research shows that taking your colleagues outdoors provides HUGE advantages and benefits. For starters, a hike through nature in just 90 minutes is proven to lower stress, boost morale and motivation, improves clarity and productivity, reduces negative thoughts, increases positivity, improves heart health and lowers cortisol levels.


Wow! If that is not enough, just imagine how much better you will feel when you are actually experiencing nature in all its glory, feeling the sun on your shoulders, breathing in fresh air with dramatic ocean and mountain views, a clear blue sky above, maybe even spotting a deer or two and feeling the earth beneath you, grounding you. You feel better just thinking about it right?

Let's Get Moving!

Let's bring your team together and have some fun to generate a new energized spirit where we can relax and immerse ourselves into nature all while building your community to RECHARGE, maximize creativity and feel passion and aliveness for your work and leadership skills.


I will guide your group physically through hiking, emotionally through sharing and connection, and spiritually through meditation. We will encourage team bonding and a strong connection with your mission, all while having a deeper understanding of each other which is crucial for team performance.

I will develop, customize and create a unique hiking program around your needs, whether big or small, to make your team stronger, more successful, more efficient and most of all-- HEALTHIER mentally and physically!

FYT "Take a Break" Program Options

A. 2-3 hour session for up to 12 people

B. 1/2 day (4-5 hours)for up to 15 people *

C. Full day (6 hours)for up to 18 people *


* Bagged lunches are provided for an additional fee

What To Expect from "Take a Break"

Your Next Step

+ Guided customized hikes on self-discovery and self-realization

+ Setting of intention for each hike, use of props that I create for you

+ Action steps and private Facebook page for us all to join 

+ Inspirational videos and sharing on private Facebook page

+ Meditation provided by spiritual healer Nicole Hoegl

to go along with the intention

+ Branded merchandising "swag bag" which includes a journal,

water bottle, coffee mug, and a trucker hat 

+ Discounted group cleanse recipes to help you further in your

own health through private Facebook page

+ Healthy snacks

+ Lots of bonding, connecting, sharing, laughing,

hugging and high-fiving!

Ready to start team building?

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Meet Your Trail Blazing Guide

Lisa Taitelman, HCI Certified Health Coach

BHC Transf Seal.jpeg

A note from Lisa:


Do YOU want to be a part of something bigger than us?


In the busy world today, I feel we have lost the art of togetherness to the use of our cell phones, computers and the hustle of running our small businesses and companies. I have found that most of us live it alone, and we’re getting… well, lonely. It is actually a rare thing these days for us to effectively come together as business people unless it is for a board meeting, evaluation, etc.


I really wanted to help build communities, so FYT was born. FYT is a program that will empower you and your team physically, emotionally and spiritually. Through each of our journeys, we are able to connect, laugh, cry, inspire and lift each other up. These journeys help us to discover to a calming place that we can both come as we are and contribute more effectively to a team.


This program has proven time and time again that there is something about incorporating movement into every week that gives us this enormous sense of accomplishment and accountability that we all need to stay productive and creative. Each and every one of us has struggles; we may have bad days, bad months or even a bad year, but we find that when we step into our choice of movement, whether it’s on a trail or into a yoga class, we feel different.


Liberated. Strong. Centered. Empowered. Grounded. I have witnessed this time and time again through this program.


Are you ready to become a part of this world-wide revolution of movement? Let’s get started!

Much Love,

Lisa Taitelman

"Remember, teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability." --Patrick Lencioni

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