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Hiking During Covid-19


The outdoors is open!

Walking, trail running, and hiking are excellent ways to maintain physical and mental wellness. We all need to get outside! We understand how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected this year's hiking season, but trails are opening up all across the country. With more states across our country relaxing stay-at-home restrictions, and more trails begin to open, It is important to check in with your local town's recommendations. Please follow up-to-date instructions from federal, state, and local authorities and err on the side of caution.


We will be encouraging all of our hikers to wear face coverings, bring hand sanitizers and stay 6 feet apart from one another to help reduce the potential spread of COVID-19, and for all our hikers to be self-reliant as much as possible and keep themselves safe. Making these temporary changes right now will help by keeping everyone safe and healthy. Of course if you're sick, please stay home and take care of yourself and hope you recover quickly!


Here are some helpful tips to make the BEST of all of our outdoor experiences:



  • Bring/Wear face masks or bandanas and please wear it while passing other hikers.

  • Bring hand sanitizer.

  • Practice Physical Distancing: stay 6 feet apart from one another, when you see hikers approaching, please veer to the side and let them pass, if space doesn't allow, please wear your mask. As long as you are briefly passing one another, the risk of transmission is pretty low and even lower when you cover your nose and mouth.

  • Give a wave or a "thank you" when they pass (not a high-five)!

  • Know your trails and stick to the wider trails and pick those that are not too crowded (I advise going early in the morning, I find them to be less crowded).

  • Wash hands when you get home for 20 seconds with soap and water.


We can all help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 on our trails we will be exploring, and remember to stay healthy and safe!


Much love,



Your Happy Trail Blazer

FYT Licensing

FYT has expanded the globe!

Follow Your Trail is not limited to just hiking! Many of you (as far away as Switzerland) have inquired about molding this program into utilize various types of movement, such as skiing, kayaking, power walking, paddle board, yoga, biking, etc!

When you sign up to license Follow Your Trail, you will have the chance to do just that--and you'll be receiving a DONE-FOR-YOU "blueprint" to customize this very successful program so that you can mold it to fit into your already existing programs--or even start your very first!


You can be a part of this worldwide revolution of movement!

If you are a health coach, life coach, health and wellness business owner or professional, yoga instructor, masseuse or gym owner (just to name a few professions), you can license FYT to create a custom this program to make it all your own!


what licensee coaches are saying

I first learned of FYT when Lisa had first started the program 3 years ago and was always intrigued by it. So when she reached out to me to be a trail leader, I was excited to hear more about how this would work. I’m a psychotherapist, a coach and an avid hiker so I was really interested in how I could bring it all together. I was also a little worried that I would be taking on too much to market another program and another part of my business. But the way Lisa has organized all the material, the training, and the live calls has been super helpful with creating an easy way to launch my own FYT program. She gave us all her marketing materials and provided all the details for each hiking session so it is truly done-for-you and makes launching feel easy and doable. 


Lisa has a very positive energy and has been a great support through email, text and on our zoom calls. This is an amazing program I feel lucky to be a part of it!

- Gina



I often tell people, "GO WHERE YOU FEEL ALIVE" because that is where the magic happens.

At the age of 16, I moved from New Rochelle, NY to Orange County, CA where I was a cheerleader and played competitive Volleyball in High School. I have always been into fitness, I love eating and preparing healthy food, traveling the


world with my family, enjoying weekly Barre Burn and Cardio Sculpt classes and the great outdoors. I love animals, especially dogs, especially Labs! If you want a friend for life, get a dog! I earned a BA in Marketing and Design from San Diego State University and from there moved to Los Angeles where I found my dream job at The Hollywood Reporter and the love of my life.  After 19 years, raising my two amazing kids, I went back to school to pursue a Holistic MBA degree  and it was here that I found my trail, working with women to help them realize all of their goodness is where I feel most alive. I had no idea at the time that going back to school at age 53 would change my life.

I have always felt pulled to do something greater, to be a part of a movement and to create real change.  I felt for quite some time that something was missing in my life- and it was that I found my own voice. By using my voice, it has helped others find their own. What I have learned through my education and life experience is that showing up as myself, and speaking from my heart, a ripple effect has been created. A deeper connection with women who crave more in their own lives.

I could never go back to the person I was 2 years ago, or even last week for that matter, I am forever changed. Did I have fears? HELL YEAH! But, it is not our fears that define us, it is what we do despite our fears.

Today, I am committed to helping others in "follow their own trail", their truth, passion and their purpose, all while I am fulfilling my own by building this awesome community through these incredible trails in our own backyard. I am also excited to collaborate with other health and wellness professionals through retreats and workshops.  Feel free to connect with me to collaborate!

I am following my dream, I no longer feel something is missing and I am excited for you to be on this journey with me!

Meet My Hikers



what people are saying

"Lisa has found a way to merge the physical, the mental and the spiritual into a unique way to bring women together in a safe and constructive space. Through physical exercise, meditation and inspirational nuggets, not only did a group of 11 almost strangers come together and fall in love with one another, but we all elevated ourselves to a higher vibration. At the end of the 6 weeks, I can say that we all came out of it better versions of ourselves. Whether you simply want to up your exercise game our you are seeking your next path, “follow your trail” with Lisa is a win-win"!!

- Happy Hiker

"In every walk with nature, one receives

far more than he seeks”

- John Muir

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