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Amber Ingraham is a one stop shop! If you're a coach, Amber's got you covered in your business set up and branding, your online presence, copy, and more. If it's techy, Amber can do it! Amber has done everything for me other than my logo! If I have questions, whether it's techy or background business related, she's my go-to!

As a partner of Follow Your Trail, Amber is offering a complimentary 30 minute branding session just for you. She looks forward to connecting with you!

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Robin Pollak uses her Psychic and Intuitive skills to capture the essence of her clients. She works One-on-One as well as in group settings to coach her clients into achieving their ultimate goals. She accomplishes this by offering intuitive guidance, insight and her unique gift to help them release the obstacles that are holding them back. The clarity that they gain through Robin’s program allows them to start letting go of their self-limiting beliefs and move into a place of power and personal growth.

As a partner of Follow Your Trail, Robin is offering a complimentary discovery session. She looks forward to connecting with you!

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I am honored to be partnering up with Nicole Hoegl, a spiritual healer who guides her clients back to their personal truth, and equips them with the tools necessary to understand who they are and how they may use thoughtful action to launch into their destiny. Her method blends guided meditations, sound healing, breathwork, chakra balancing, shadow work, crystal energy healing and akashic healing in a specialized method that activates her clients to find their essence and shine their light, allowing them to become the most authentic, radiant version of themselves. Her work emphasizes the importance of healing through exceptional and intentional internal work, bringing forth empowerment to discover the sovereignty within.

Nicole is a fabulous addition to Follow Your Trail creating custom meditations and complementing the theme for each week to delve more deeply to experience profound transformations!


I am one of the fortunate ones who truly loved my mom. She and I were best friends and I not only adored her, but I looked up to her. Our love affair was cut short when I lost her to cancer at the age of 58. That loss left me grieving for most of my adult life and it was my husband, my kids, my friends and being outdoors that helped me with my healing process.

After launching my hiking program in 2017, a program where I am able to bring groups of women together, I realized how much these women were giving to me and I


wanted to find a way to give something back. After a random friend request on Facebook, I met Jeanette Carbajal, a Cancer Coach, who guides her own clients through different stages of cancer. Our on line conversations turned into verbal conversations and our friendship began. We knew, instantly, we wanted to collaborate and she has since introduced me to The Foundation for Living Beauty.


For more information about Jeannette, please visit her website here:

Founded in 2005, Nancy Davidson and Indyra Flores, the founders of this charity, share their mission which is to educate, uplift and empower women in their fight against cancer.  Nearly 700 women belong to Living Beauty, with all types of cancer, at all points in their journey. The Foundation offers more than 30 program events per year, from three and four day overnight retreats, to day retreats, educational opportunities and sisterhood-building events – all at no cost to our Living Beauties.

Activities focus on wellness healing modalities, like Yoga 4 Cancer, guided meditation, sound healing, nutrition and more. In addition, Living Beauty provides comfort kits to women undergoing chemotherapy, and manages a donor-driven special needs fund that provides support for emergency financial needs for women in cancer treatment. Living Beauty was proud to be named as the 2018 San Gabriel Valley Best Nonprofit Organization by the Pasadena Star News!

This is the perfect organization for me to partner with and last Fall, I started donating a portion of my proceeds to The Living Beauty Foundation. I look forward to not only give monetarily but I will also be volunteering my time to groups of their women and offer a portion of my program with all of them.

Nearly 843,000 women will be diagnosed with cancer this year.  To learn more about Living Beauty and their programs and services, or if you know a woman with cancer, and like to learn more about this organization, please visit their website at

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