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About Lisa

Hi I’m Lisa, I am a mother of 2 incredible

kids, and a wife of 20 years...

to an amazing partner and friend. It was after the loss of my mom, over 20 years ago to cancer it took all my strength to forge ahead. In that time of grief, I started on my path of self- discovery. Although I felt dead inside, when I hiked and was out in the wide open space, breathing fresh air and surrounded by beauty and nature, I started to heal and it was on the top of that mountain that I felt alive again. Always the self-questioning, curious person I am, I was determined to create a positive group hiking experience and that is how FINDING YOUR TRAIL came to life.

I also love going to weekly Barre Burn classes, hiking with my dog Luke, cooking whole, healthful meals for my family and friends and creating memories while seeing the world and other cultures with my family is where I feel the most fulfilled.

I cherish the simple moments of my day, such as a text or a phone call from my son who is away at college, the key in the door when my daughter comes home from school, and that glass of wine that my husband and I share while we make dinner together. I am so fortunate to live in Southern California, just blocks from the ocean and steps from the best hiking trails in North America, and it is in this place that I feel most alive. It’s all a journey and I am excited to be walking on this trail, side by side with you.

I have always loved to hike...


I started hiking over 15 years ago with my friends. I spent much of my free time, mostly alone, trying to find out what hiking had to teach me. It changed my self-perception and physical abilities, improved my mental and physical health. It changed everything. I love being outdoors in nature, it is an amazing way to really connect with each other because it forces you to be in the moment, to be raw and real and get away from the noise in our lives. I find the most powerful we can be, is TOGETHER. We live in a world of disconnect and somehow lost the art of togetherness. I am surprised by how many people in our community want to hike but don't have anyone to go with, so they just stay home. No one should have that problem! Hiking gives me that togetherness that I feel we have lost in this frenzied world we live in. It also gives me purpose, clarity, strength in myself and pushes me outside my comfort zone.  "Getting somewhere" is one of the biggest reasons we hike, right? But sometimes just getting outside and connecting with others, and really BEING there--is enough of a destination.

I feel very grounded and connected to myself when I am in the mountains. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and makes feel that I am stronger than I think. My spirit comes alive. I often tell people to go where you feel alive because that is where the magic happens. I don’t feel like this anywhere else, its a very internal thing, it is not competitive, hiking is about the goal, and it it’s my form of nourishment.

It is MY moving meditation.


“I believe I deserve to have a life that I love and I also believe you deserve to live the life you love and

for it to be your greatest life! ”