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You're amazing ... and  I want to tell you a secret.

There's a way to book yourself solid!

If you have been struggling to book clients, have had no shows, or if you are afraid of continuing to have zero bookings, then the FYT ROADMAP TO SUCCESS is for you!

You’ll be booking clients into your programs! Bonus: This works for other programs too—not just your done-for-you FYT program. With the knowledge that Lisa provides within this exclusive small-group training, you’ll have new skills and tools to apply to every program within your business.

Just think… how many customers are you losing out on if you don’t pick up this training now?

If You Ignore Your Booking Problem, It Just Gets Worse

     What most people do when they are unable to book clients is just post to social media more (which can come off needy), send out cold e-mails (which no one opens), and post more blogs (which by-and-large go unseen without a large fanbase). Simply put, for most people, none of that works. Why?
     - They aren’t telling their story and selling themselves effectively.
     - They are getting crickets because cold e-mails almost never work!
     - They aren’t using the correct tactics to get more clients.

     And what will happen in your business if you pass up this opportunity now? You’ll stay right where you are. Un-booked.


How I went from zero bookings to fully booked:

The good news is, there’s a light at the end of that dark trail. Don’t get me wrong. I was struggling, too, in the beginning. I wasn’t sure how to light up the path—at all! However, I found a way to both connect and build relationships with like-minded women seeking growth and discovery in their lives. That’s how FYT was created. And that’s why I decided to license it to other coaches—because what I’m doing WORKS!
Now, while FYT is a done for you solution, it STILL might feel like a challenge to succeed.

It’s YOUR Time to Shine!


When you invest in the FYT ROADMAP TO SUCCESS today, you’ll get discover how to…
    - Book more clients and build your community.
    - Begin to nurture relationships with those clients.
    - Create raving cheerleaders who keep coming back for more (and even send you new clients)!

It all comes as part of the FYT ROADMAP TO SUCCESS program.  
    - Help with successful posts, content, photos and when to post on social media,
    - Support, inspiration, creative ideas and engagement from the group dynamic.
    - Successful emails and when to send them.
    - Access to my FYT Private Facebook Page for ideas for content, videos, recipes, audios and more.
    - Action steps and tips to keep your "explorers' engaged throughout the week.
    - Healthy snack recipes for your participants.
    - Help with promotional marketing materials including: forms, fliers, business cards and postcards, handouts, and merchandising.
    - When to get paid and when to sign up renewals.
    - Many more unique steps, HOT tips and props I use each week to keep the groups engaged, supported and on track with their goals.
    - Free replays of every live meeting for the 4 weeks.
I know this works. When it does, you’ll be amazed - and I think that’s exactly what’s about to happen. 


It’s Decision Time!


You have a choice to make: Continue on with your empty calendar—or get FULLY booked!


You truly can create raving cheerleaders who will both send you new people and book your programs over and over again. Not to mention… now is the PERFECT time to get your groups up and running for 2020 when our clients are looking to renew, reset and recharge for the New Year!
I think you know which answer is right for you… Just let me know what it is by clicking the button below.


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