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Lisa Taitelman Presents...

Follow Your Trail

"Off the Trail"


You don't have to hike to join this movement!

If you aren't interested in hiking...

or if hiking too difficult for you geographically...

or if you have an existing health condition or injury that is holding you back at the moment...

then this is the program for you!

Join a worldwide revolution of movement...

from your own home!

 Now you can participate in Follow Your Trail...

all from the comfort of your own home, office, backyard or the great outdoors,

while reaping the benefits of the group dynamic, including all the energy and magic that group participation brings!

This is a 6 week course.

~ This class features weekly Zoom meetings with two choices for meeting times:

Wednesdays or Thursdays from 1pm - 2:30pm PST

Don't worry if you miss a meeting!

Replays are always available!

Hear below from authentic Follow Your Trail participants!

"This program got me in touch with parts of myself that had been locked away for many many years. It is a very introspective journey that reminded me of how far I have come in spite of any challenges that have been put in my way. I loved sharing this journey with other wonderful and supportive woman. Lisa created an environment that felt safe and non judgmental. She is a phenomenal facilitator and leader. FYT is uplifting, inspiring, empowering and confidence building."


- Djuna Citrin

"Lisa has found a way to merge the physical, the mental and the spiritual into a unique way to bring women together in a safe and constructive space. Through physical exercise, meditation and inspirational nuggets, not only did a group of 11 almost strangers come together and fall in love with one another, but we all elevated ourselves to a higher vibration. At the end of the 6 weeks, I can say that we all came out of it better versions of ourselves."

- Happy Hiker

"I have gotten so much more from this very special group than I ever imagined - Wisdom, Clarity, Motivation, Peace and wonderful New Friendships all in my own backyard. I can’t imagine my Tuesdays without her!"


- Pam Beeks

"Lisa's Follow Your Trail hikes are transformative. You journey within with focused intentions every week as well as meet other amazing women in the process.


Lisa truly brings together a healing experience and shares her gifts as a life coach helping other women find their truth."

- Carla Liber

"Follow your Trail is a unique and special program... Lisa is an energetic and inspirational guide who leads the group with heart and compassion. I really looked forward to it each week and the 6 weeks went by way too quickly!"


- Happy Hiker!

What Lisa is offering our community is much needed! She is helping women to clear the clutter, create connection and empower change within ourselves. Join her programs and you will see for yourself!


- Happy Hiker!

Meet Your Trail Blazing Guide

Lisa Taitelman, HCI Certified Health Coach

BHC Transf Seal.jpeg

I started hiking over 15 years ago with my friends. I spent much of my free time, mostly alone, trying to find out what hiking had to teach me. It changed my self-perception and physical abilities, improved my mental and physical health. It changed everything. I love being outdoors in nature, it is an amazing way to really connect with each other because it forces you to be in the moment, to be raw and real and get away from the noise in our lives. I find the most powerful we can be, is TOGETHER.


"We live in a world of disconnect and somehow we've lost the art of togetherness."


I am surprised by how many people in our community want to hike but don't have anyone to go with, so they just stay home. No one should have that problem! Hiking gives me that togetherness that I feel we have lost in this frenzied world we live in. It also gives me purpose, clarity, strength in myself and pushes me outside my comfort zone. "Getting somewhere" is one of the biggest reasons we hike, right? But sometimes just connecting with others, and really BEING there--is enough of a destination.

I've created the Off the Trail program just FOR YOU...

to connect with others while making huge leaps in your own personal world. This is NOT just for hikers!

Join today and reap the rewards!

“I believe I deserve to have a life that I love and I also believe you deserve to live the life you love

and for it to be your greatest life! ”

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